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We specialise in a range of sensual dance fitness and sensual dance styles.kamasutrayogaBurlesque Dance

Kama Yoga (combining traditional Tantra Yoga & KamaSutra positions)

Goddess Awakening (designed to ignite and awaken your sexual energy)


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Madame M Burlesque’


‘Goddess Awakening’


‘La Maison de Madame M’


Madame M Burlesque invites you to explore the the world of Burlesque with us!


Madame M Burlesque


‘Madame M Burlesque’ dance classes include:

Vintage Burlesque Cabaret Burlesque Modern Burlesque

frank n furter

1 hr Burlesque teasers – only $14 per session!

(Upcoming classes – June 2016)

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Goddess Awakening hosts regular workshops for women and couples, to ignite, awaken and re-energise sexual energy.

Classes and workshops include:

Awakening Feminine Erotic Archetypes Sensual Series I & II Goddess Dance

Awakening Feminine Erotic Archetypes & Sensual Awakening Series

You will get to explore the true essence of you, at the very core of your being and the primal wild  animalistic side, which will release energy blocks that may be present in your body.

A series of workshops combining dance movement with tantra yoga breath work and postures, designed to open and activate the energy centre’s in the body.

You will be taught how to activate and direct your sexual energy and you will develop a deep connection with yourselves, allowing you to be fully connected to your emotional, spiritual, mental and physical body.

 We will also work with erotic archetypes including: the Virgin, Prostitute, Sensualist, Temple Priestess, Goddess and Warrior Woman!

(Next workshop – June 2016!)

Goddess Dance

A beautiful 2 hour journey within, where you experience sensuous, luscious, sparkling femininity and the full power of the Goddess in all her glory!

(Upcoming classes – June 2016)

‘La Maison de Madame M’ Events

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Surreal, mystical and ethereal live theatre events!

‘La Maison de Madame M’ presents themed live theatrical events at a variety of exclusive venues across Melbourne, where the finest performance artists in Australia, are deliriously happy to present their exquisite blend of sensual erotica, fetish, burlesque & bohemia to one and all!

‘La Maison de Madame M’ will take you on an extraordinary journey, into the realm of fantasy, the erotic and beyond!

At ‘La Maison’, we boast a magical mix of tantalising performance acts and a heady cocktail of the dark, subversive and animalistic, where you will witness mind blowing dance performance art, crazy circus sideshow, feats of magic, vaudeville, burlesque and immersive theatre.

Our mesmerising and alluring performance artists will take you on a wild journey of the sins of the flesh!  A veritable palate of seductive morsels and a banquet of forbidden fruits, where you will be swept into a fantasy fuelled wonderland of timeless artscapes.

We invite you to revel in the erotic, the sublime,  the light and dark, and all shades in between!  Acquiesce to your guilty pleasure and permit yourself to enter a world of sweet enchantment.

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