A mind, body and soul workout!


Discover a more connected, confident, embodied and empowered you!

We are passionate about the community and believe society inclusiveness, and adopting a conscious caring approach will promote healthier lives for people of all ages.


Dance 4 Fitness offers the ultimate embodied workout – a unique range of dance and fitness classes, combining a fusion of popular dance styles, dynamic fitness and mindfulness techniques, designed to give you a workout for the mind, body and soul!



Creator – Maree Shefford


Dance 4 Fitness was created in 2006 at a time when the Neo Burlesque movement was in full swing and Australian women were ready to explore their femininity and empowerment.

Since then Dance 4 Fitness has taught hundreds of women how to awaken and unlock their feminine power.  We now have a wide range of classes, catering for diverse interests including:

Vintage Burlesque, Modern Burlesque, Cabaret Burlesque
The Sensual Workout
Sensual Yoga
Awakening Feminine Erotic Archetypes
Awakening The Goddess
Burlesque Dance
Dance Cardio Tone
Dance Cardio Blast