A mind, body and soul workout!



Discover a more connected, confident, embodied and empowered you!  If you are ready to awaken, embrace the sensual and live your potential read on…


Dance 4 Fitness offers the ultimate embodied workout and was created in 2006, teaching women the Sensual Art of Awakening, Burlesque and Dance Cardio.  We have taught hundreds of women how to awaken and unlock their feminine power!

Dance 4 Fitness has now introduced a larger range of modalities to cater for a wider  community of women who desire to connect to their FEMININE WISDOM. 

Classes include:

Sensual Yoga
The Sensual Workout
Awakening Feminine Erotic Archetypes
Awakening The Goddess
Burlesque Dance
Dance Cardio Tone
Dance Cardio Blast