Madame M Burlesque

Madame M Burlesque – we invite you to explore the world of Burlesque!

Who is Madame M?

Madame M (who is often known by a variety of names according to her particular fancy), is an Actress and Burlesque Artiste, who has been titillating audiences throughout her long career.

She resides in the land of past, present and future, traversing an astronomical romp through the universe, an eternal GODDESS in time, space and beyond.

 Her unique eclectic performing style is a blend of hedonistic Bohemia, enslaved Victoriana and the erotic.  Her performances explore desire in all it’s forms and relishes the shadow side, with an endless unsatiated and ravenous hunger for darkness, wickedness and will take you on a journey of erotic delights.  

Madame M Burlesque Classes

 Expect the unexpected!

We will teach you all there is to know about becoming a
seductress and femme fatale! 

We cater for 3 different levels of experience:





Burlesque Styles include:

Vintage Burlesque

Modern Burlesque

Cabaret Burlesque 


Vintage Burlesque

Level 1 – Shimmy & Shake
Level 2 – Art of Tease and Seduction
Level 3 – Femme Fatale 


Burlesque Teezers

A great way to experience Burlesque for the first time! Designed for complete dance virgins!
Duration – 1 hour
Cost – $14

Burlesque Workshops

2 hours
Cost – $45 per person

You can either round up your friends and book one of your own or join in on an already scheduled workshop! 



4 Week Burlesque Courses
Duration – 4 x 1 hr classes
Cost – $100 per person

4 week beginner courses are available in all Burlesque styles