The Sensual Workout

Surrender to the wisdom of your body and connect to the true essence of your SENSUAL self!

A combination of deep breathing and sensual rhythmic flowing moves, allows you to connect to your feminine power and inner self.    After more than a decade of teaching students empowered dance practices, I developed the ‘The Sensual Workout’ to help others to release their own emotional pain, which is perpetuating a state of emotional bondage.

The Sensual Workout uses sensual tantric breathing, sound and dance movement for the purposes of deep healing.  We work with the pelvic floor area, clearing away your inner cobwebs, allowing you to experience a full sensual release and INNER CLEANSE.

This  works the same way as DECLUTTERING your home or workplace, clearing out any stuck energies specifically in the sacral area, allowing you to connect to your feminine power and achieve a more balanced energetic alignment.


The Sensual Workout can release deep emotional pain, keeping you in a stage of emotional bondage.  Wounding and emotional trauma can accumulate in the cell memory of the body and then we can repeat emotional patterns in a never ending cycle.