Sensual Awakening Series 

On a daily basis, we wear so many masks and are constantly acting out a range of archetypes when we are dealing with people in a social or business context.  These different masks we wear, can prevent us from connecting fully to our true authentic self.

Reclaim your power
Access your vulnerability
Develop your intuition
Embrace your sensuous, luscious and sparkling femininity
Reconnect to your body

If you truly desire to open yourself up to deeper levels of connection, intimacy and consciousness in your life, then these workshops are for you! The Sensual Awakening Series is designed specifically to awaken you gradually and effortlessly.


The workshop series allows you to awaken your sensual power and feminine energy.  It allows you to experience energy flow throughout the body and you will learn how to align, direct and focus your energy, discovering how to access the power within.

You will obtain an understanding of your intuitive impulses and how your energy affects you emotionally, spiritually, mentally and physically.  You will develop a deeper and intimate connection with yourself and with others and learn what it is like to get out of your mind and connect to your heart, and experience the bliss within!  Series 2 will include:

dance movement, tantra yoga, breath work, gentle touch, meditation, visualisations and sound release


Series 2

In Series 2 we work with the shadow self and you will discover which archetypes are at play in your own self, which will give you insight into your own behaviours and motivations.  

You will participate in Tantra Yoga partner work enabling you, enablng you to explore your archetypes, as well as the wild primal animal, instinctual and primitive.

By unleashing your wild animalistic nature, you will go right to the core of your being and experience the true essence of you.

Archetypes that we will explore in this series: Warrior Woman, Queen, Goddess, Virgin, Harlot