iheart-1394791_640dancecardio workouts


Dance cardio has been proven to be one of the best ways to get into shape, giving you a great all round workout! You are constantly on the move which keeps your heart rate up and your mind is always occupied while you execute the steps, so the time literally flies by! Your whole body is involved and no muscle group is ignored, while you tone and strengthen!  You will develop long lean muscles with arms and legs both moving simultaneously and your core is working hard to maintain your balance!



Cardio workouts include a warm up and warm down, combining stretching and breathing.  The importance of stretching before and after a workout is high on the list.


Pre-stretching will help your muscles and joints to warm up and will also increase your core temperature, giving you a greater range of motion. Dynamic stretching will kick start your nervous system, heart and activate core muscle group, including glutes, abs and back muscle. Over time you gain more and more flexibility and increase muscle tone.


Stretching after a workout will assist will not only cool you down, but will also lengthen your muscles.  It is advisable to hold static stretches for 10 seconds or more, which will help you loosen up your particular muscle groups which may be tight.

Shake your booty to a body beautiful & dance your way to a healthy heart!