Dance Cardio

Dance Cardio has been proven to be one of the best ways to get into shape, giving you a great all round workout.  You will develop long lean muscles and a strong core.  Dynamic stretching will kick start your nervous system and heart, as well as activating your core muscle groups, including glutes, abs and back.  In a short time you will gain more flexibility and increase muscle tone. 

Dance Cardio Blast

Easy to follow medium intensity dance cardio class, designed to burn fat, sculpt, strengthen and condition muscles. Incorporates a range of dance styles, including latin, jazz and belly dance to give an overall body tone.  Shake your booty to a body beautiful and dance your way to a healthy heart!
Suitable for beginners.


Dance Cardio Tone

Low impact dance cardio moves, including arm and leg exercise. Dynamic floor work designed to energise and give you overall body tone.  A great workout to strengthen muscles and maintain body stamina. Suitable for beginners.