Goddess Dance


A beautiful 2 hour journey where you will experience your sensuous, luscious, sparkling femininity and the full power of the Goddess in all her glory.  A self discovery and a healing for women who truly desire to open themselves up to deeper levels of consciousness and connection with self.

You will be shown relaxation techniques where you will experience a state of deep relaxation and awareness.  By slowing down the breath, you will encounter states of bliss, harmony, peace and love. Deep breathing techniques, contractions and releases will allow you to connect amd by focusing on the breath, your body will fully relax and you will learn how to direct your energy flow.

Releasing your own unique sound vibrations from your soul, will allow you to connect to source.   You will be working with partners and the entire group, learning how to reconnect to your body and soul.  Guided meditations, visualisations and imagery are used to tap into your intuition.


Duration:  2 hours
Wear: comfortable clothing