A mind, body and spirit workout



Our Philosophy

We are passionate about providing dance fitness to promote conscious healthier living in the community and empowering women of all ages. 


What we do

Dance 4 Fitness has been running Burlesque, Embodiment and Feminine Empowerment classes since 2007.  Our unique dance fitness classes combine a fusion of popular dance styles, dynamic fitness and sensual dance, designed to workout the MIND, BODY & SOUL.

We invite women of all ages to explore their femininity and discover a more connected, confident, embodied and empowered you. Dance 4 Fitness offers a dynamic range of dance and fitness classes for women, designed to tap into their feminine power, to awaken feminine wisdom and restore body balance.

Our dance fitness classes combine a fusion of popular dance styles, tantric breathwork and mindfulness techniques, teaching how to align, direct and focus energy, to unleash personal power and creativity. Dance Cardio A combo of dance styles with uptempo sassy beats will burn fat, sculpt and strengthen body, improving overall fitness and wellbeing.

Embodiment For Actors is a professional training series, teaching actors how to embody their sexual/creative energy and understand intuitive impulses. Actors will be taught how to release and channel their energy, allowing a freedom of expression of the actors physical instrument, resulting in increased emotional range, deeper and dynamic performances.

Tantra Yoga teaches techniques to harness sexual power and connect to a partner from a place of truth, love and honour. Men will learn that the heart is the starting point of any lovemaking and through the connection of heart to heart, women will learn how to surrender to their partner, and both man and woman will experience the masculine and feminine merging as one.


Dance Cardio
Dance Tone
Dance Flow


 Awakening Feminine Erotic Archetypes
Sensual Yoga
Sensual Awakening Series

Acting 101
Embodiment For Actors
The Primal Actor
Sexuality For Stage & Screen