We invite WOMEN of all ages who feel the calling, to connect to your true essence and to explore your feminine power through embodied sensual dance practices in the AWAKENING FEMININE EROTIC ARCHETYPES – 4 week course.

Are you ready to awaken your FEMININE WISDOM, align, direct and focus your energy to unleash your CREATIVITY and manifest your DESIRES?

Are you ready to bring the SHADOW to the LIGHT, where the myriad of erotic archetypes and primal wild woman reside. You will learn to activate and awaken the sacral chakra where the sexual/creative energy is housed and connect to your divine energy source.

In the AWAKENING FEMININE EROTIC ARCHETYPES Workshop you will discover the fierce feminine power of the cosmic enchantress serpent Shakti and your masculine and feminine polarities.

You will be gently guided in the awakening of your powerful erotic archetypes: Temple Priestess, Harlot, Siren and Warrior Woman.
You will explore and free your PRIMAL wild essence and connect to the masculine and feminine polarities within.

We will be using a variety of modalities including dance moves, tantric yoga breathwork, sound, postures and visualisations to allow you to connect to your archetypes.

Sessions will be carried out by a qualified Tantric Yoga Teacher, in a sacred and safe environment, where the facilitator will hold space with presence and acceptance.

We are about providing dance fitness

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