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Feeling STUCK in a RUT and not sure how to move forward?
Repeating OLD PATTERNS leaving you FRUSTRATED and depleting your energy?
Unsure of how to get to the next level of your life journey?
Want to manifest your goal and desires into reality but not sure how?

Embodiment Coaching Sessions are powerful Body, Heart & Soul Alignments and Self Actualising Integrations. We help clear energetic blocks at ROOT CAUSE and eliminate NEGATIVE BELIEFS, allowing you to finally move past old conditioning.

Many people have blocks which stops them moving forward and that’s where we come in. We help you to identify what is holding you back from manifesting your vision, rather than slogging away for years and not knowing why you’re not moving forward.

We guide you in moving forward, tapping into your inner wisdom to realise your vision and create aligned action, so you can achieve your life and career dreams effortlessly.

An Embodiment Coach will intuitively tap into to reveal your imbalances and energetic misalignment. The No 1 reason you are not receiving financial abundance, health and harmony, is because you are not energetically on the same frequency as your goal.

Over the last 14 years and hundreds of clients later, I have recognised the top two COMMON BLOCKS

Embodiment Coaching unites the imaginary separation between body and mind, body and soul, opening a doorway to your inner wisdom and work on all 5 body layers – physical body, mental body, bliss body, energy body and wisdom body.

When the mind, body and soul are in balance, the physical body and energetic layers are able to eliminate blocks, negative thought processes can be reversed and neural pathways can be reset.

Embodiment Coaching allow you to connect to your authentic essence and wisdom, which gives you the messages of which actions to follow. After only a few sessions deep transformations and profound changes can occur, and you can achieve heightened energy levels and energetic alignment.  Current and past clients have reported potent life changes and improvements including:

Manifesting dream goals
Abundant living
Improved sexual intimacy
Attracting healthy loving relationships effortlessly
Higher self awareness
Body love
Healthier mind and body
Weight loss
Bliss and joyful living
Self confidence
Inner harmony

Embodiment Business Coaching

Create a business you love

Embodiment Coaching also helps business in many area’s and incorporate business alignment with powerful business success tools. We can also help with personal self branding and create a UNIQUE POWERFUL brand which radiates your true message.

Embodiment Business Coaching helps you to become energetically aligned to your Business Goals and what you wish to attract.
Coaching Sessions include Body, Heart & Soul Alignments and Self Actualising Integrations as well as solid action steps to achieve your business and career goals.

We can help you in the following area’s:

  • Your UNIQUE POWERFUL brand which radiates your true message
  • Getting seen on MEDIA and delivering your VOICE out to the world
  • Creating your social media image and Social Media Hacks
  • PR strategies
  • Powerhouse 12+ month Strategic Plan
  • Growing a fan base
  • Tapping into the Codes of Abundance
  • Goddess power


Determining your brand
Selling yourself with confidence
Build your digital brand

Marketing yourself like an expert
Social media
Marketing Plan
Content Marketing
Influencer Marketing


Implementing a road map to navigate your journey
Developing crystal clear clarity of your desires and intentions
Creating 1 – 3 year goals, objectives, tactics and action steps


Developing specific personality traits for success including:key traits: consistency, discipline and focus
Re-set neural pathways for positivity and success


A powerful tool to manifest your Personal and Career desires


Moving through your energetic blocks around abundance, success and self worth with a range of techniques including: Energy healing, visualisations, soul healing and clearing cellular memories

We are passionate about providing dance fitness

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