Divine, beautiful and blissful

ErotiqueGoddess Awakening is a 4 week journey within, connecting you to Shakti, the divine feminine, inner wisdom and magic of your body temple.

You will be guided by your body, rather than the mind through sacred dance, tantric dance, rituals, free form embodied movement, sensory techniques, visualisations and meditations.

We go deep into the inner escence soul level, where we connect to the Great Goddess; the Mother of the Earth, the moon and the stars within. The Great Goddess is the divine feminine, in every woman, source of life, manifestation and creation and feel her mystical presence and incredible beauty. 


As slow sensual dance rhythms play, your hips and pelvis will stuck energies, allowing you to move freely in space, in any way your body wishes to take you.

Instead of controlling the movements with your mind, directing you which way it says you should go, you will be led by your intuition, your natural instincts,  from the core of your being, spontaneous and free form.

You will dance to a range of slow and fast tempos, where you will begin to explore new sensations and feelings in your body, as your sexual energy is unleashed.

Experience the wisdom of the Goddess and the full force of her powerful, divine sacred feminine energy, as you dance to her rhythmic, flowing and fluid movements.  These movements will activate the energy centres in the body, called the chakras, allowing the energy to flow through you, breathing the Goddess into you, so you can embody her fully.

Specific moves will now be incorporated into a sensual dance routine, where you can harness the full power of the Goddess, the power that is deep within!

Erotique is much more than just a dance class, it is a beautiful journey of femininity and sensuality.|

Goddess Ritual honours the Great Goddess; the mother of the Earth, the moon and the stars.  The Great Goddess is the divine feminine, in every woman. Goddess Dance invokes the Goddess within you, allowing you to feel her mystical presence and incredible beauty.

We are about providing dance fitness

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