Dita’s show ‘Strip Strip Hooray’ was a sellout last night at The Forum Theatre!  We were welcomed by MC Murray Hill and his hilarious gender bender banter, intertwined with provocative performances from Dita’s burlesque bestie Catherine D’Lish, Natasha Estrada as La Cholita, Perle Noire, Ginger Valentine and Jett Adore!

The ultra sensual Dita wowed the audience with her signature numbers including:  The Martini Glass, Rhinestone Cowgirl, Bird Of Paradise and The Opium Den!  The eager and excitable crowd were worked up into a frenzy by the skills of the top Burlesque artists in the world!

I was but one of the 1500 plus people in the chilly Forum Theatre and only 9 degrees outside, but inside it was SMOKING HOT!  Dita’s Burlesque performances really stand on their own.  She knows how to get every audience member eating out of the palm of her hand and I could feel her power emanating, she certainly is one of the sexiest women of our time and has brought Burlesque to a modern generation!

Burlesque is a timeless artform and I adored reminiscing a bygone era!  Thanks Dita – the Queen of Burlesque!

Three cheers – Strip Strip Hooray, Strip Strip Hooray, STRIP STRIP HOORAY!

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