Tantric Yoga, pelvic toning and holds, providing deep relaxation, restoring body balance and awakening inner body wisdom. Focusing on breathing and sensual movements, the ancient practices of Kundalini and Tantric Yoga are considered a powerful form to ignite your sensuality and generate full embodied energy flow.

What will we cover?

In this class we will go through an intro to inner warrior yoga with a range of subtle flowing movements, deep breathwork and postures. Dynamic strengthening holds, body rotations and stretches tone the body, releasing tightness in the hips, and working out the pelvic floor. Powerful Tantric breathing carries vital oxygen to your cells, providing a deep energetic cleansing of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual layers.

Who will be teaching?

Maree is an actor and dancer who specialises in teaching sensual dance, sexual embodiment and tantric yoga. Over the last 7 years she has taught hundreds of women about sensuality, confidence, and empowerment. For many years she has researched and studied sacred sexuality, and is highly adept at teaching women of all ages how to tap into their feminine energy.

Inner Warrior Yoga classes start September

Note: This class is suitable for all ages and all fitness levels
What to bring:  Yoga mat, a bottle of water and small hand towel if required

Maree Shefford facebook page or her website: www.dance4fitness.com.au

Tantric Yoga

The ancient practice of Tantric Yoga is the most powerful form of yoga, as it combines deep breathwork, tantric techniques and postures, igniting your juicy sensuality and generating full embodied energy flow. 

This practice will fire up your sacral chakra stimulating your sexual energy and clear blocks in the energetic field, energising the circulatory, respiratory, digestive,  excretory, nervous and endocrine systems.  


Mind Body Soul

Inner Warrior Yoga is deeply relaxing, healing and restorative, re-energising the body from the inside out. We recommend weekly sessions as they allow continuous clearing of stuck energy due to old emotional patterns and beliefs.

Mental clarity and focus
Inner wellbeing
Balancing emotions

Improved muscle tone and strength
Better weight management
Stronger bones and reduced risk of osteoporosis
Improved pelvic control 

Become the ultimate lover
Increased sexual energy and sexual clearing of blocks

Develop inner awareness

Inner Warrior Classes are also held several times a year at Laneway Learning

INNER WARRIOR – Private Sessions
$100 per hour

INNER WARRIOR private sessions combine Tantric breathwork, embodiment and mindfulness techniques which work on the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual, offering guidance in the area’s of growth, empowerment, life strategies, relationships and self awareness.

You will manifest healthly loving relationships, dream goals and abundance effortlessly with the help of energy clearing and receive guidance in the area’s of growth, empowerment, life strategies, relationships and self awareness.

The subconscious, (the shadow self) does a great job, keeping these denied emotions, from our conscious mind,  Protecting us from experiencing these emotions, they become suppressed and hidden, but when triggered by a circumstance, event or other person, they will resurface, causing us pain. By recognising the shadow aspect in us, we can begin to make the unconscious conscious.  And help you move through the life patterns and energy blocks, that may be holding you back from attaining what you desire.  

Your facilitator is a qualified Tantric Yoga Teacher who is is highly experienced in holding space to allow energetic clearing and sexual blocks to show themselves.


‘Working with Maree was a transformative experience’.
Jessica The Jester – Entertainer

‘Maree posesses a highly attuned ability to access a person’s emotional blocks and bring these blocks to the conscious level.   She weaves a sacred space and I felt safe to phsicalise my old childhood wounding. Maree’s creative process is organic, revolutionary, effective, safe and healing’.  Anne

Maree’s approach to facilitating her classes, is that everyone feels that they’re in a safe place, whether you’re new to body work, or someone wanting to deepen their practice in a group, you will be trained by someone who is very knowledgeable, confident and sensitive to the needs of each learner in the room’. Loretta

Facilitator Qualifications

Acting Teacher
Speech & Drama – Trinity College 8 yrs
Professional Actor/Dancer
Tantra Yoga and Embodiment Facilitator
Cert III Fitness
Cert III Dance

We offer Embodiment For Actors courses – visit http://embodiment.mareeshefford.com

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