๐Ÿ’ŽThis powerful and exciting course will give you a tool box of powerful seduction techniques

๐Ÿ’ŽLearn the secrets of seduction

๐Ÿ’ŽReveal your inner radiance


The Art Of Seduction is a powerful Sensual Dance based course showing you the most powerful moves and techniques in history, dating back to the Priestess temples in ancient history.

This exciting course will give you a tool box of powerful seduction techniques to explore your feminine grace.

You will learn the secrets of the Sensual Arts and the power of your feminine and erotic archetypes.

You will discover how to ignite your juicy sensuality and unlock the powers of seduction.

Learn how to seduce, bewitch and awaken their hypnotic sensual energy.

A transformational journey, awakening you to your full feminine potential and seductive powers.

You will be guided by your body rather than the mind, to reveal your natural feminine essence, truth, beauty and radiance.

Sensual personality types are naturals at Seduction and know exactly how to get what they want and exude extreme confidence.

If seduction and being confident in your sensual prowess doesnโ€™t come naturally, donโ€™t fret, as you can easily learn the skills to learning these techniques.

Learning the Art Of Seduction enables you to magnetise your truest desires and unlock your manifesting power, so you can step into your most irresistible, luscious and vital self, and achieve your wildest dreams beyond imagination.


This 4 week course will include:

๐Ÿ’ŽSensual Dance โ€“  Burlesque Striptease,  1920/30โ€™s Vintage Dance

Awakening the Sensual Pathways/Harness Your Sensual Power

Seduction Moves   โ€“  Strutting, Kitten Crawl, gestures, body language

Chair Dancing  โ€“  Learn a seductive Chair Dance

Archetypes โ€“ Sensual Siren and Seductress

Body confidence โ€“ Learn to love your body temple

Flirting and Charming 101 โ€“ Learn how to flirt and charm anyone and the No 1 secret to seduction

Lingerie/costume/props to enhance your seduction techniques

1920โ€™s/30โ€™s jazz music and modern sexy grooves.

Feather Fan Technique
(Note; You will be shown technique but feather fans are not included, if you would like to try the moves in class you will need your own fans)


You are encouraged to dress up in your own unique sensual style and be as daring as you desire! 

The benefits of this course are so plentiful and hold the key to manifesting your desires.

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Your Teacher

Maree is a qualified Tantric Coach, Dance Teacher and Embodiment Coach.
Over the last 13 years she has taught hundreds of women to tap into their sensual empowering self.  She has incorporated the ancient practice of Tantra into many of her teaching programs and imparts this wisdom in a contemporary framework suitable for beginners to advanced students and also practitioners.

Past and present clients have reported potent life changes, including reversing health crisis, advanced personal growth, manifesting dream goals and clearing blocks.

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