Dance Cardio

Dance Cardio has been proven to be one of the best ways to get into shape, giving you a great all round workout.  You will develop long lean muscles and a strong core.  Dynamic stretching will kick start your nervous system and heart, as well as activating your core muscle groups, including glutes, abs and back.

Dance Cardio is a great way to exercise, because you are enjoying yourself so much and the time goes so fast, that you don’t even know you are working out!


  A fusion of dance styles, stretches and weight bearing exercises, which are easy to follow, designed to burn fat, improve overall body tone, sculpt, strengthen and condition muscles.

The combination of dance moves, mat work exercises and stretches, will give you a great cardio workout, as
well as strengthening, conditioning and toning your body, without bulking you up.  Formulated to work out your whole body, toning and shaping not only the large muscle groups, but the important smaller ones also, which ensure all areas are targeted, including the problem ones.

You will see results quickly, leaner and firmer arms, tums, buns and thighs, no more jelly belly!  The workouts will help you burn fat fast, and increases your heart rate, which in turn strengthens it.  A healthy heart equals a healthy body, and a happier you!

Typical class

Warm Up
Stretches and breathwork

Cardio Phase
The Cardio Phase is a combination of sensual dance movement sequences, including Jazz, Burlesque, Belly Dance, combined with fitness moves keeps the body constantly moving, often with arms and legs working simultaneously.

Cool Down
Stretches and deep breathing designed to stabilise the heart rate.

(Dance Cardio – 55 minutes)

Dance Tone

A highly effective way of burning fat, low impact and the time goes so fast, you won’t even notice you are working out!

Dance Tone is a fusion of belly dance moves, weight bearing exercises and body stretches, which specifically targets the core, including the deep transverse abdominals.  Arms and legs are also given a great workout, giving you overall body tone, strengthening muscles and improving body stamina.

Belly Dance moves such as Rib slides and Camel target lower area of rectus abdominus and obliques. Hip Circles target obliques and glutes, and Figure Of 8’s plus Belly Roll’s target the rectus abdominus.

Dance Tone sessions are 55 minutes which include warm and cool down.