Embodiment For Actors offer a range of courses and workshops, designed to awaken energy flow, encourage intuitive impulses, and develop dynamic presence for stage and screen. Courses include:  

  • Acting 101 (available at Community Organisations only)
  • Embodiment For Actors 4 Week Course
  • Sexuality For Stage & Screen 4 Week Course
  • The Business Of Acting
  • The Primal Actor

Audition Coaching Services and Readers for Hire are also available.


The Embodiment Process unites the imaginary separation between body and mind.  During the process shadow (unconscious) and repressed archetypes may be identified, preventing a full expression of creative energy.  By recognising the shadow, we can begin to make the unconscious conscious, recognise the multitude of archetypes, identify emotional blocks, explore feminine/masculine polarities and sexual/creative energy.

Techniques used allow actors entry into different parts of their consciousness to access their full power.  The effectiveness of these embodiment techniques lie in the ability to access deeper parts of the psyche, develop deeper consciousness and create fully embodied characters.

Embodiment For Actors – 4 Week Course

A powerful introduction into physical embodiment work, designed to awaken creative flow, activate the body/breath connection and tap into intuitive impulses.

The course will cover:

Embodiment Techniques
Body/Breath Connection
Energy Flow
Eric Morris Technique
Tantric breathwork
Sound release
Text work

You will also receive TIPS on creating a showreel, what makes a good headshot, how to get an agent and how to create successful relationships with casting agents.

Your facilitator Maree Shefford.

Sexuality For Stage & Screen – 4 Week Course

Sexually charismatic actors are magnetising, captivating and electrifying to watch. You can’t take your eyes off them and you’re not really sure why. An actor who fully enhabits their sexual energy is charismatic and magnetising to watch.

In this 8 week course, you will learn tools to create powerful sexual magnetism and deliver dynamic performances and specific techniques to create sexual repore and chemistry with any scene partner. 

You will discover how the physical body and sexual energy, are the essential ingredients to creating compelling characters onstage or screen.  Actors will learn tools for setting healthy boundaries, to honour personal safety and wellbeing.

Actors will learn specific techniques to create powerful sexual chemistry with any scene partner and techniques to honour their own boundaries and confidently voice them.  Actors will learn tools to create powerful sexual magnetism and deliver dynamic performances.  They will discover how the physical body and sexual energy, are the essential ingredients to creating compelling characters onstage or screen.


Tantra techniques are utilised to awaken the energy flow, thereby enabling actors to connect to their intuitive impulses and authentically create intimacy with a scene partner.  Inner work revealing repressed archetypes.  Actors will discover how to unlock their sexual/creative energy to create alive and truthful characters for stage and screen.

The desired result for the actor, is a freedom of expression through their physical instrument and increased range,  allowing engaging, dynamic, alive, stimulating and connected performances, which in turn, will significantly increase actors chances of acquiring roles in the industry.



Embodiment For Actors
Duration: 8 x 1 hr sessions
Cost: $170.00    Concession $150.00

Sexuality For Stage & Screen
Duration: 8 x 1 hr sessions
Cost: $170.00    Concession: $150.00

T’s & C’s – Payment required in full, at least 2 weeks prior to course.
No refund when payment made unless course cancelled.

Facilitator – Maree Shefford  

Maree has performed in profesional stage, TV and film productions, in both Australia and New Zealand. Stage roles include: lead role in  ‘Life On Mars’ Short & Sweet Festival, Emilie in ‘‘Dangerous Liaisons’, Edith in ‘Blithe Spirit’, Euridyce in ‘Antigone’, ‘Importance Of Being Earnest’.

Fringe Festival Shows include: ‘Rites’, ‘Love’, ‘Lights’, ‘From Frying Pan To Fire’ and award winning UK production ‘Trilogy’. Play reading: ‘Closing Time’. Musical Theatre Shows include: ‘The Boyfriend’, ‘The Mystery Of Edwin Drood’ and ‘Fiddler On The Roof’.

On the small screen Maree’s roles include Series Regular on Channel 31 TV Series, lead roles in short films, independent film, music videos and performance art projects.

She is currently playing a lead role in a Soap Opera Podcast and has upcoming roles in Feature Film ‘Deviate’. This year Maree is excited
to announce her production company called ‘Madame M Productions’ is launching!. Stay tuned!


Performing Arts Training

Speech & Drama – Trinity College London
Eric Morris Technique – Teacher, Mal Kennard (AFI nominee) 2013-2017
Meisner Method
VCA P/T Foundation Year
Singing – Chelsea Plumley
Raw Truth – Teacher, Kim Farrant (Director of Strangerland starring Nicole Kidman and Angel Of Mine starring Noomi Rapace)
Physical Theatre Courses – IUGTE Austria
Cert III Dance – Dance Factory
Accents – US, UK
Performance Coach/Audition Prep – Dan Hamill (Love Child TV Series, X Factor 2015)
Embodiment Facilitator


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