Connect to the true essence of your sensual self, surrender to the wisdom of your body and experience a total BODY BLISS OUT!  

Sensual Yoga classes combine deep breathing, sensual rhythmic flowing moves, tantric yoga poses and pelvic floor exercises.  Classes are specifically designed to awaken the sacral chakra and tap into your feminine power.

Each class is deeply relaxing, therapeutic, healing and restorative, igniting the sacral chakra and the endocrine system, releasing vital energy flow throughout the whole body.   

You will learn powerful Tantra Yoga techniques including ‘Bliss Breath’ and ‘Breath of Fire’, allowing you to harness your full power and
activate sexual energy, so you can manifest your heart’s desire.
After a Sensual Yoga session, you will feel deliciously empowered, fully embodied and chilled out to the max!

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