GROUP DANCE – Madame M’s Pop Up Burlesque Workshop



Madame M’s Pop Up Burlesque Workshop




You will learn how Burlesque Technique will ignite your juicy SENSUAL MOJO and how to activate your sensual pathways.

You will get to play with Feather Boa’s, Satin Gloves and large Feathers

You will also learn basic burlesque technique including:

  • Body posture
  • Walking in heels
  • Bump n grind
  • Shimmies
  • Grinds
NO experience necessary
Duration – 1 hour
Cost – $35.00
Elwood location





Burlesque Dance is a great way to activate your sensual pathways and get fit at the same time!


💎The Sensual Seductress knows what she wants…
💎She is in touch with her desires …
💎She is tapped into her femininity …
💎She is in a state of relaxed and sensual flow …
💎She magnetises what she wants effortlessly and with ease …
💎She feels powerful and confident






Art Of Seduction Burlesque Dance – 4 Week Group Course

Next Course commences early 2024


💎Learn the secrets of the sensual arts and the power of your feminine archetypes

💎Discover how to ignite your juicy sensuality and unlock the powers of seduction

💎Learn how to seduce, bewitch and awaken your hynotic sensual energy

💎Bumps n Grinds
💎Burlesque Strut
💎Poses and Peels
💎Feather Boa Technique
💎Garter Tease
💎Glove Peels
💎Chair Dance
💎Seduction Techniques
💎Seductress Archetype
💎Chair Dance


💎Showgirl Posture
💎Showgirl arms


💎Archetype’s – Sensual Siren, Femme Fatale and Seductress
💎Body confidence – Learn to love your body temple
💎Flirting and Charming 101 – Learn how to flirt and charm anyone
and the No 1 secret to seduction
💎The secret to Marilyn Monroe’s sensual persona





You will learn the fundamentals of burlesque choreography seduction techniques,costume styling and choreographed dance routines.

And you will get to play with a variety of props including: masks, boa’s, gloves, garters and feathers, drawing out your unique signature style.

Burlesque Dance is a great way to activate your sensual pathways and get fit at the same time!


Art Of Seduction is a powerful dance course showing you the most powerful moves and techniques in history, dating back to the Priestess temples in ancient history.

In this course you will learn Classic Burlesque moves to seduce, beguile and tease. And explore a multitude of different character’s persona’s and connect to your inner goddess.

YOU will be given a tool box of powerful seduction techniques to explore your feminine grace.

YOU will be taken on a transformational journey, awakening you to your full feminine potential and seductive powers.

YOU will be guided by your body rather than the mind, to reveal your natural feminine essence, truth, beauty and radiance.

Sensual personality types are naturals at Seduction and know exactly how to get what they want and exude extreme confidence.

If seduction and being confident in your sensual prowess doesn’t come naturally, don’t fret, as you can easily learn the skills to learning these techniques.

Learning the Art Of Seduction enables you to magnetise your truest desires and unlock your manifesting power, so you can step into your most irresistible, luscious and vital self, and achieve your wildest dreams beyond imagination.

Burlesque is not only a powerful sensual workout but also an opportunity to allow you to re-connect to your body, mind and soul, restore body balance and awaken inner body wisdom.

What does a sensual confident woman look like?

She knows what she wants
She is in touch with her desires
She is tapped into her femininity
She is in a state of relaxed and sensual flow
She magnetises what she wants effortlessly and with ease
She feels powerful and confident

Terms and Conditions –

Prepaid only – no refunds once paid in full

Course is not transferrable for another course/class

Please let teacher know if unable to make a session (text or email)


If you like to find out more about our classes and programs scroll down to our enquiry form





What to wear:  Comfortable clothing. Sensual attire is welcome.
Bring a pair of high heels – any type is fine (make sure you can dance comfortably in the shoe’s you bring)
Bottle of water

Terms and Conditions:
Payment required prior to course commencing
Once payment is transferred no refunds are permitted
Missed classes cannot be made up as the course runs consecutively over 4 weeks.
Running late – please message teacher

This is what a sensual and embodied woman looks like…………


Level 2 – Art of Seduction Burlesque


How to ignite your inner power and inner feminine fire

Embrace your sexual body confidence   
Neo Burlesque and Cabaret Burlesque styles
Embodied movement practices – sensual and sultry
Intermediate Vintage Burlesque technique and Chair Dances
Dance routines – Burlesque + Showgirl

Creating a character


Costumes, Props, Reveals, Peels and much much more!

Create a solo 2 minute dance

Art Of Seduction Burlesque Dance – Level 2 /  4 weeks
Duration:  4 x1 hour sessions
Dates:       TBA
Location: Ormond Rd, Elwood
Cost $140.00

What to wear:  Level 2 requires sensual dress, for example lingerie, satin, fishnet tights, or lace garments.
(You don’t need to spend much $, as op shops are a great place to find cheap garments).
Bring a pair of high heels – any type is fine (make sure you can dance comfortably in the shoe’s you bring)
Bottle of water

Terms and Conditions:

Once payment is transferred no refunds are permitted.
Missed classes cannot be made up as the course runs consecutively over 4 weeks.
Running late – please message teacher



Maree’s approach to facilitating groups is that everyone feels that they’re in a safe place, whether you’re new to body work, or someone wanting to deepen their practice in a group, you will be trained by someone who is very knowledgeable, confident and sensitive to the needs of each learner in the room’. Loretta- Burlesque Dance Courses (2007 to 2020)
Jessica Horwell Burlesque Course- Working with Maree was a transformative experience. Not only did I get to delve into my love of dance and theatrlarical expression through learning burlesque, I also learnt more about myself, and was challenged in an empowering way, through the feminine archetypes workshop. Highly recommend.
Ocea Rae Private Burlesque – I do private burlesque lessons with Maree and she is a wonderful teacher. She integrates elements of mind, body and soul into each lesson and goes in depth into creating a unique character and performance.

“I undertook Maree’s incredible Goddess Body Coaching Course in July 2020. What a beautiful and transformative experience it was. I have done quite a lot of healing work over the years, but Maree’s course is next level and I learnt so much! Maree’s course is exactly what I needed and was ready for. I feel I have been able to shift some old patterns I have been trying to shift for years! I didn’t expect that the work we did would be so powerful, but it was. I would highly recommend Maree’s courses and to anyone wanting to connect with themselves on a deeper level, and anyone ready to shift old unhealthy patterns and beliefs that are no longer of service. Maree has a broad range of tools in her toolkit to let go of old emotions and invoke the new radiant energies. It’s clear Maree has a lot of wisdom and knowledge in the healing arts, and brings this to her work with you. All I can say is this is that this is deep and amazing work. Maree, thank you so much for everything!!! You are an amazing & fabulous woman, and are doing such important work. I am so grateful to have connected with you! Wish you all the best always’ Kristy – Private Sessions

Working with you opened windows of inspiration and opportunity.  I’ve become more self aware of my thoughts and feelings and have become more of a confident person from that.  Every session brought a new feeling and a new form of growth and I was always excited for what the new session would bring’. Harper Lawrence – Private Sexuality Acting Sessions

Maree possesses a highly attuned ability to access emotional blocks and bring these to the conscious level. She weaves a sacred space and I felt totally safe at all times and am now living my dream life’.  Anne – Goddess Awakening

“I went on a whim and was guided to Maree’s 5 day Goddess Body Program and I’m so grateful I was. Earlier this year after experiencing a breakup I felt I really needed to step back into my power and this was a great way to really add to that journey. At first it was a little uncomfortable but once the energy started flowing I felt free. Maree was so confident and accommodating I felt like I’d known her for years and this was just something we did together. I learnt some new things and have really felt my lower chakras open up and my more authentic self shine through. It was quick but powerful. Thankyou’  Gemma – Private Sessions


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