Dating And Flirting Workshop

This is the event you have been waiting for!

Dating and Flirting Mastery is perfect for Singles or those already partnered who would like to spice up their relationship.

In this powerful training you will learn how to be SUPER CONFIDENT, how to use your FEMININE POWER to get what you desire and how to open your channels to attract your romantic partner who is on your FREQUENCY.

The knowledge and skills you will learn are transformative in all area’s of life – work and play.

Dating and Firting is capped at 10 women only.

In this fun and informative event you will learn essential skill sets for dating, flirting, seduction.

You will learn how to enhance your true natural gifts authentically and organically and tonnes of tips and techniques to utilise your FEMININE wiles and SACRED gifts.


You will learn about your unique FLIRTING STYLE


What is included

Duration – 7.00 till 9.00 pm – 2 hours

Dating and Flirting Mastery

-How to confidently start up a conversation with an attractive stranger
-How to read body language
-How to use your body language and face to flirt and seduce naturally
-How to use your voice tones and resonance
-How to pick up signals from a potential love interest intuitively
-The power of Pheromones, love drug Oxytocin, Seratonin, Dopoamine and Endorphins
-Feminine power mastery and how to use archetypes for magnetising and allure

Your Dating and Flirting Mastery Facilitator – Maree Shefford

Maree is a qualified Tantric Yoga Facilitator, Actress, Sensual Dance Teacher and Embodiment Coach.  She has over 16 years experience in Tantric, Feminine Embodiment and Sensual Dance.

Maree is also an highly experienced actress and presenter. Maree’s embodiment clients range from well known actors, CEO’s, health practitioners and coaches.

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