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Have you ever experienced feeling a sudden burst of tears or other emotion when you have had a massage, yoga session, reiki or other modality?  Do you have unexplained aches, pains, medical issues which won’t go away?

Many people are disconnected from the body and are not even aware of past emotions which are literally stuck there.  Any uncomfortable sensations or physical pain (emotional pain) are usually dismissed or masked by alcohol, other substances, work a holic mentality and other defences.

The benefits of somatic body work and physical release are becoming more well known. It is now common knowledge that traumatic events can literally become stuck in the body.   Using dancing, shaking and sound release are key components to releasing stuck emotions in the body. Embodied Movement is a powerful tool to release trauma stored in the body.


Embodied Movement
combines deep breathing and organic free form physical movement allowing a state of deep relaxation and stimulates energy flow, aligning the physical, mental and spiritual bodies. This powerful practice works on the deep layers of the body and allows you to connect to your natural instinctive, authentic essence and soul.

Other techniques utilised in Embodied Movement Healing Sessions include:

  • Quantum Healing
  • Breathwork
  • Dance Flow
  • Chakra release
  • Sound Release
  • Journaling
  • Shadow Work utilising archetypes
  • Mirror Work
  • Mirror Techniques
  • Visualisations
  • Soul integration


Healthier mind and body
Manifesting dream goals
Abundant living
Improved sexual intimacy
Attracting healthy loving relationships effortlessly
Higher self awareness
Body love
Weight loss
Bliss and joyful living
Self confidence
Inner harmony


Shadow Work


Archetypes are inherited dispositions, behaviours and personality traits that are predictable in patterning what we do. We are often unaware of archetypes which are operating in the background of our psyche and are responsible for triggering emotions. They are a powerful tool in understanding our psyche and by recognising the shadow self (subconscious), we can begin to make the unconscious conscious.

Shadow Self

The shadow self (subconscious) is the unknown dark side of your personality, containing all parts of yourself that you don’t like to admit you have. The shadow does a great job at keeping our denied emotions from our conscious mind, self protecting us from past traumatic and painful incidents. Emotions which have been suppressed often lie dormant within, until a person or situation triggers these emotions to resurface. When emotions occur we may experience pain and push them down to avoid acknowledging them fully. This can cause blockages in the energy fields which can develop into physical and mental illness.

Outcomes include:

Energetic alignment
Clarity and focus
Personal grow
Improving self confidence
Attracting wealth and abundance
Better Communication in relationships
Inner peace
Self awareness


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Private sessions must be booked and paid for 7 days prior
No refunds once paid unless Facilitator cancels session.