VINTAGE BURLESQUE 4 Week Course - Monday 4th Feb till 25th Feb 2019


VINTAGE BURLESQUE 4 Week Course - Monday 4th Feb till 25th Feb 2019


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Course Description…..

Awaken your sensual self and explore your sex kitten style, with original 1950’s Burlesque!

Over the 4 weeks you will be shown all the original classic Burlesque moves and explore a multitude of different character’s persona’s.

You will get to play with a variety of props including: masks, boa’s, gloves, garters and feathers,  which draws out your unique signature style and learn the fundamentals of Vintage Burlesque choreography, seduction techniques, costume styling, the history of Burlesque and an easy to pick up original 1950’s Vintage Burlesque routine.

What you will learn…

Bumps n Grinds
Burlesque Strut
Pin Up Poses
Feather Boa Technique
Garter Tease
Glove Peels
Chair Dance

Teacher:  Maree is a professional actor, dancer and burlesque performance artist.  She has taught hundreds of women how to tap into their feminine energy and sacred sensuality and facilitates Embodiment For Actors classes at a variety of community organisations.


Dates/Times:  4 weeks – Monday 4th February till 25th February – 8.30 pm till 9.30 pm

Location:   Studio, 175 Chapel Street, St Kilda

Dress Suggestions:  Lingerie styled clothing, leggings and bring pair of heels that are comfortable.

Cost:  $120.00  –  Maximum of 10 students only

Terms & Conditions:  Payment required at least 1 week prior to course commentment.
No refunds after payment received unless course is cancelled.



Suitable for Beginners and Advanced Practitioners
– $80.00 per person

Your tutor has over 20 years experience as a professional actor, dancer and burlesque performance artist.

Classes are tailored for each individual student depending on their needs, experience and preferred style.

Typical elements covered include:

  • Neo Burlesque, Vintage Burlesque or Cabaret Burlesque styles
  • Classic burlesque techniques
  • Creating a burlesque character
  • Owning your sexuality
  • Stage presence
  • Archetypes
  • Acting technique
  • Vocalisation
  • Choreography
  • Costuming
  • Hair and makeup styling
  • How to work the audience
  • Marketing yourself
  • Technical elements incuding  lighting, blocking and stage production
  • Creating your own act
  • Devising a show


Learn how to seduce, beguile and tease!  Unleash your Sexy Siren and Femme Fatale archetypes!
Explore your naughty and flirty side, by awakening the powerful feminine Goddesses Aphrodite and Isis! 


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