We just had an eclipse and if you’re feeling some emotions over the last 48 hours this is most likely the reason why. Eclipses are powerful and they affect us.
Things are volatile overseas and my heart is heavy but I know we can help HEAL the planet with LOVE.  
John Lennon, Michael Jackson are two of the most famous singers in history and their lyrics had powerful messages.

We are dancing for:



lets send powerful love energy out to the world, to help those in need

What happens when we dance?
We are HAPPY

Our heart is FULL
We are in our HEART

The effects on the mind, body, soul are thousand fold…
Reduces mental tension and destresses you
We are releasing TOXICITY out of our very pores

We are cleansing our energy system
We are building bones
We are improving muscle tone

Increasing body flexibility.
Developing upper and lower body strength.

Burning up 800 calories for one hour of dance
Improving mental health

Controls cholesterol

So by us even doing one hour of dance, this vibration of happiness is sent out to the world.

Let’s stay POSITIVE, UPLIFTED and in our HEARTS!

LOVE triumphs over all!

Please share these classes with anyone you know who needs support and for wellbeing.

Take the SMALL action of SHARING the message and philosophy of Goddess Dance Fitness  
”Share love, support, kindness to others. And shine your SPIRIT to the world”

We are passionate about providing dance fitness

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