A Mind, Body and Spirit Workout

Awaken your Feminine Wisdom

Restore Body Balance

Embody your Sensuality




Dance Fitness classes, combine a fusion of popular dance styles, dynamic fitness and mindfulness techniques, designed to give you a workout out for the mind, body and spirit.

Dance Fitness classes are low impact workouts specifically designed for women who want to get fit and toned, giving a complete overall body conditioning. The combination of dance moves, stretches and cardio fitness, burn calories, tone and strengthen the body.

Small and large muscle groups are targeted and you will start to see results quickly, leaner and firmer arms, tums, buns and thighs and fat reduction.  Regular dance fitness exercise restores a healthy balance, promotes positive mindset and inner harmony.

Dance Cardio Tone


A combo of jazz, belly dance, hip hop and burlesque with dance grooves will burn fat, sculpt and strengthen body, improving overall fitness and wellbeing. 

Stretches, strengthening holds and body rotations with a yoga/pilates flavour.  Arms and legs are working simultaneously to ensure no muscle group is ignored.  A warm down including organic flowing fluid movements and long holds, stabilisex heart rate and cools down body.






Seduce, beguile and tease with original Burlesque moves including bumps ‘n grinds, shimmies, pin up poses, boa techniques, garter teases, glove peels and reveals. Explore different archetypes, work with costumes and props and discover your feminine power.

Feminine Archetypes

Discover your feminine and sensual archetypes including the virgin, harlot, temple priestess and goddess.
Explore the MASCULINE/FEMININE polarities within.

Bring the shadow to the light, where the myriad of archetypes and primal wild woman reside.  Learn to activate and awaken the sacral chakra and be gently guided in the awakening of your powerful feminine energy. 


Sensual Yoga

A unique sensual workout combining deep breathing, sensual rhythmic flowing moves, tantric yoga poses and pelvic floor exercises allowing you to connect to your feminine power.

These classes are specifically designed to awaken the sacral chakra and the endocrine system, releasing vital energy flow throughout the whole body.  You will connect to the true essence of your sensual self with powerful Tantric techniques including ‘Bliss Breath’ and ‘Breath of Fire’, allowing you to harness and direct your sexual/creative energy.

These dynamic full body workouts are designed to stimulate the endocrine system and surrender to the wisdom of your body. After a Sensual Yoga session, you will feel deliciously sensually empoweered. Deeply restorative and relaxing.


Awaken To Tantra

Create deeper levels of intimacy with the ancient practice of Tantric Yoga

An introduction to Tantric practices and specifically designed for couples who want to create a deeper level of intimacy in their relationship. By using ancient tantric techniques you will learn how to expand your consciousness and discover heightened pleasure. You will journey to the inner sanctuary of bliss and develop a rich and nourishing soulful union to experience more fulfilling, conscious and connected love making.

‘What men truly desire is to awaken the WILD GODDESS ENERGY in a woman and give her pleasure.
What women truly desire is to AWAKEN THE HEART OF A MAN and give him pleasure’.

Couples will be introduced to powerful Tantra Yoga techniques where they will learn to harness and direct sensual/creative energy, connect to the heart and discover new ways of connecting from a place of truth, love and honour.  You will develop a deeper connection with yourself, which will allow a greater intimacy and sexual connection with your partner. Men will learn that the heart is the starting point of any lovemaking and through the connection of heart to heart, women will learn how to surrender to their partner, and both man and woman will experience the masculine and feminine merging as one. 

Embodiment For Actors

A range of courses and workshops, designed to awaken energy flow, encourage intuitive impulses, and develop dynamic presence for stage and screen. Audition Coaching Services and Readers for Hire are also available.

Embodiment For Actors

4 week course

A powerful introduction into physical embodiment work, designed to awaken creative flow, activate the body/breath connection and tap into intuitive impulses.
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