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Awakening Feminine Erotic Archetypes – Group Course AUGUST 2024
Awakening Feminine Erotic Archetypes – Group Course AUGUST 2024

Unleash your feminine power and true erotic expression

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Welcome to Dance 4 Fitness

My name is Maree, and I am the creator of Dance 4 Fitness and Embodiment Coaching.
Dance 4 Fitness is a boutique studio in Elwood, Melbourne. We have been proudly running sensual dance, tantric practices and feminine embodiment coaching since 2007.

Our sensual dance classes and feminine embodiment programs help women unlock their feminine power and sensual magic. They activate the sensory pathways in your body, awakening energetic flow and are a powerful transformative modality to awaken energy flow and feminine power.

Feminine Embodiment Coaching offers transformational private coaching, courses and programs, to move past emotional hurts and trauma, and live an empowered, happy and abundant life.

My Story
I grew up in a household where there was emotional dysregulation.
My parents fluctuated from repressing emotions, to the other extreme, anger and conflict. I didn't realise that I was absorbing people's projections and negative emotions. I spent most of my life disassociated from my body and didn't understand I was carrying rejection, abandonment issues and related trauma. I experienced high anxiety and my nervous system was always in fight and flight - a sympathetic response.

Whilst training in acting, I was able to access my shadow and realised I was living in constant drama, repeating old stories and patterning of childhood. I studied Tantric Yoga Teaching in 2011 and had a spiritual awakening, which set me on a divine path to help others.

How I can help you

Most people have experienced hurt and pain, (and trauma), but are not aware they are are carrying this in their body and energy field. This pain and hurt can turn into chronic disease.

As I have experienced trauma, disassociation and high anxiety first hand, I can help my clients by using somatic methods and energy healing.

You are invited to join us for a journey of deep awakening and discovery....

We believe every woman is a Goddess and an expression of exquisite radiant love and beauty.
We would love to help you bring more pleasure into your life, awaken your sensuality and unleash your personal power.

Let us help you ignite the FULL FORCE of your FEMININE ENERGY and SENSUAL SELF.
In 2024 we are partnering with the local council and community businesses to make dance based training and embodiment coaching accessible for all.

Break through to the other side of FEAR and experience your PURE POWER and POTENTIAL


Embodiment Coaching - Private Sessions

Feeling frustrated and stuck?

Do you find that old patterns keep repeating and you don’t know why?

Are you feeling powerless in any area's in your life?

Feeling unbalanced, disassociated from your body and emotions?

Experiencing a difficult challenging time and feeling alone?

Do you want to make changes in your life and transform into the most POTENT, POWERFUL version of you?

Do you want to manifest goals and desires into reality but not sure how?


Embodiment Sessions are powerful one on one sessions which are tailored to each clients issues and goals.

Using a range of powerful modalities we clear issues and emotional unbalances at ROOT CAUSE.

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Awakening Feminine Erotic Archetypes
4 week journey (Group)

Unleash your feminine power and true erotic expression

August 2024

Awakening Feminine Erotic Archetypes is a powerful opportunity to play it big, express the real you!

Embrace all aspects of the feminine. Learning how to awaken to your full feminine potential is the key

to unlocking your erotic alchemy.

You will learn tantric breathwork, sound release, tantric dance and experience powerful activations.

-Claim your sexual energy - sacred spring of life

-Discover the keys that activate sensual enlignment

-Learn how to activate cosmic enchantress serpent energy Shakti

-Discover your primal wild essence

-Learn sex magick

-Discover your wild feline

-Secrets of the ancient priestess temple priestess dances

-Balance feminine and masculine polarities

-Erotic archetypes and erotic creatures residing within

-Awaken your womb portal

-Heavenly feminine sensual orgasmic energy

-Womb Clearing

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Goddess Body Program (Private 1 on 1)

The Goddess Body Program will give you the power to alchemically transmute your energy frequency

to attract your deep desires. 

You will be taken on a magical journey invoking the Goddesses and their archetypal energy.

Diving deep into the Goddesses feminine realm will unlock powerful alchemical magic, revealing any

blocks standing in the way from living the life you desire.

Each session will focus on one or more Goddesses, and powerful archetypal energy.

Each Goddess has powerful archetypal attributes which will illuminate your emotional blocks and old patterns.

You will receive the Goddess Body Program - Guide Book to help you in your journey.

Session 1 – Venus (Aphrodite)

We begin our journey by invoking the the Love Goddess – Venus (Aphrodite).

You will receive a powerful heart awakening and a blossoming of natural radiant beauty.

You will connect to the power of the Earth, Stars, Sun, Moon and Sky. 

The feminine portal will be woken up from her slumber and soft sensual feminine energy will awaken.

The gifts of the Goddess will allow you to open up to love and how to fully receive love and

magnetise your love to the world......

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Sensual Embodiment Course (Private 1 on 1)

The Sensual Embodiment Course utilises a range of powerful modalities to awaken you to your full

feminine potential and sensual alchemy.

Over the 4 week journey you will go on a deep journey of discovery and transformation, to reveal

your true beauty and radiance.

You will experience deep relaxation states, to allow you to fully drop into the body.

Slowing down the body and into parasympathetic state will allow sensual energy flow, and this is the

place we can really allow ourselves to feel.


Your natural essence is wired for uninhibited self expression and unshakable confidence. 

When you mind body and soul is alighed, you will experience the frequency of magnetism so you can

attract your DESIRES effortlessly.


Session 1 – Awakening the Serpent

Discover how to move to move your body organically, initiated by shakti feminine life force.

You will learn:

– Movement and breath

– Reconnecting to your Body and Senses

– Gentle Awakening of Feminine Portal

– Awakening Kundalini Shakti (Sacred Life Force Energy – Serpent Power)

– Clearing sacred temple (womb), releasing old attachments (emotions)

– Connect to the elements and moon, sun, sky and earth


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TESTIMONIALS - Goddess Body Program

This was the most life changing program I have ever done.
Thank you so much for changing my life and giving me a new found confidence and freedom to be my sensual erotic self.
So empowering and grateful


What a beautiful and transformative experience. It's totally next level.
I didn't expect that the work we did would be so powerful.
I let go of old emotions and invoked new radiant energies.
All the while you're learning about the beautiful Goddesses and connecting with them to support your inward journey. It's clear Maree has alot of wisdom and knowledge in the healing arts and brings this to her work. All I can say, is that is deep and amazing work, thank you so much for everything.


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For those who have been deeply affected by these events overseas please know we can help by sending our love. Please hold hand to heart

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We just had an eclipse and if you’re feeling some emotions over the last 48 hours this is most likely the reason why. Eclipses are

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About Us

Dance 4 Fitness has been running a fusion of dance and feminine embodiment classes at a variety of locations since 2007. Our Burlesque and Embodiment For Actors taster classes are currently taught at Laneway Learning and a range of private and group classes are run from the St Kilda Studio.

Dance 4 Fitness is currently the only studio in Melbourne, offering a combination of Dance Fitness, Tantric Yoga and Embodiment For Actors programs.

Creator - Maree Shefford

Maree Shefford is a trained, Dancer, Actor and Tantric Yoga Facilitator with over 10 years teaching experience. Maree started ballet training and drama classes at age five and went on to perform in many stage, tv and film productions, in both Australia and New Zealand. She has had leading roles in many short films and stage productions. (More info at www.mareeshefford.com)

Maree studied Tantric Yoga Teacher Training in 2011 and gained a Tantric Yoga/Tantric Healing Diploma. She incorporated the ancient practice of Tantra into many of her teaching programs and imparts this wisdom in a contemporary framework suitable for beginners to advanced practitioners.

Other qualifications include: Certificate III Dance, Cert III in Fitness, Cert IV in Business, Diploma of Business and Advanced Diploma in Management.

We are passionate about providing dance fitness to promote conscious healthier living in the community and empowering women of all ages.


For those who have been deeply affected by these events overseas please know we can help by sending our love. Please hold hand to heart

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We just had an eclipse and if you’re feeling some emotions over the last 48 hours this is most likely the reason why. Eclipses are

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We are passionate about providing dance fitness

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