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Maree Shefford is an Embodiment Coach, Actress and Dance Teacher specialising in embodiment and sensual dance, for inner alignment, health and wellbeing.  She has taught hundreds of men and women about sensuality, confidence and empowerment since 2007.

She has created a number of transformative courses and programs fusing embodied dance and tantric practices, including Unleash Your Fire, Goddess Body and Art Of Seduction.
Maree offers Embodiment Coaching, for those who would like to reconnect to the body and senses more deeply.

What’s included:

In a typical coaching session, you will learn to tap into  your inner wisdom and deep desires.  You will discover where your emotions are located in the body and how grief, anger, frustration and fear can get stuck in the body, causing ailments and energy blocks.  Breathwork, grounding, and sounding techniques are used, along with movement practices.
You will learn powerful breathwork, grounding, and sounding techniques, along with movement practices.

Maree will teach you how the elements, fire, water, air and earth, and the cosmos – moon, sun and stars energy is medicine for the soul.

Other area’s covered include:

  • Discover your feminine and masculine energy (yin and yang)
  • Hpw to connect to your joy, pleasure and bliss
  • Shadow archetypes running the show
  • How to identify your triggers and minimise stress for a happier and healthier life
  • How to connect to your sensual energy – joy, pleasure and bliss
  • Honouring your sacred body temple
  • Sensory techniques


One hour sessions – $100/$90/$80.00


For more information please contact Maree via dance4fitnessstudio@gmail,com or message via the contact page


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