PRIVATE COURSE – Sensual Embodiment Course (in person)


The Sensual Embodiment Course utilises dance and a range of powerful modalities to awaken you to your full feminine potential and sensual alchemy.

Over the 4 week journey you will go on a deep journey of discovery and transformation, to reveal your true beauty and radiance.

You will experience deep relaxation states, to allow you to fully drop into the body and enter a parasympathetic state.  Slowing down the body, stepping into deep relaxing states and slower brainwave states, will allow sensual energy flow, and this is the place we can really allow ourselves to feel.

Feeling into our natural EROTIC ESSENCE allows uninhibited self expression and unshakable confidence.  When you mind body and soul is alighed, you will experience the frequency of magnetism so you can attract your DESIRES effortlessly.

(This course is perfect for complete beginners or experienced dancers).


Sensual Alchemy

Sensual Embodiment Course will open a portal door way to elevate and upgrade you to a higher level of conscious awareness and embodied intelligence.

Sexual energy is creative energy and you will learn how to harness your energy and power, to manifest what you desire in this world.

Recharging our power source – like a battery, we get low in energy, our energy centres get blocked and we operate at a lower energy.  When we understand this, we can alchemise via transmuting what has been holding in the body.

Throughout the course you will learn the following:

  • How to unlock your feminine power and sensual magic
  • How to super charge your personal power supply
  • Discover your senses and sensoryn world
  • How to become a sensual magnet and cosmic creatrix
  • Awaken your natural flow of potent sexual energy
  • Develop a relationship with your mind, body and soul
  • Setting Boundaries and being able to say YES or NO with 100 percent conviction.



Session 1 – Awakening the Serpent

In Session 1 you will discover how to move to move your body organically, initiated by shakti feminine life force.

We will cover the following:

– Movement and breath
– Reconnecting to your Body and Senses
– Gentle Awakening of Feminine Portal
– Awakening Kundalini Shakti (Sacred Life Force Energy – Serpent Power)
– Clearing sacred temple (womb)
– Energy flow
– Connect to the elements and moon, sun, sky and earth


Session 2 – Reclaiming your Sexual Energy

In Session 2 you will discover the power of your body, gesture, radiance, charisma and con fidence.

We will cover the following:

– Claiming Sexual Energy
– Owning your Sexual Power
– Sensual Touch
– How to hypnotise people with your sensual energy
– Seduce, bewitch and awaken, eye gazing
– Walking in kick ass heels, struts
– Using Props including masks, boa’s, feathers, gloves
– Chair Dance


Session 3 – Worshipping the Body Beautiful

In Session 3 you will start to integrate all you have learnt thus far. Imagination and play will be introduced and you will learn how to work with the light and dark feminine.

We will cover the following:

– Learn mind blowing body confidence
– Discover how to worship your body beautiful
– Feminine energy – working with light and darker feminine
– Power Poses – create dynamic effect using your body
– Mirror Technique to illuminate the Shadow
– Sensual Touch
– Art Of Striptease
– Art Of Seduction
– Power of Imagination
– Power of Lingerie and Heels

Session 4 – Unleashing the Wild Woman

In this final session, you will discover your primal essence and fully embody the wild woman. You will discover how to let go of control and perfectionist and allow your authentic self to emerge.

We will cover the following:

– Discover your authentic truth
– Peel away the mask
– Animal Movement
– Erotic Dance
– Alchemy
– Sensual Embodiment Rituals
– Manifesting your desire
– Create your Seduction Dance


Benefits of Sensual Embodiment Course

– Discover your true authentic self
– Learn how to be confident and comfortable in your body
– Embody feelings, sensations and emotions
– Step into unconditional love and bliss radiate from the beautiful woman
– Experience sensual enlightenment, unbridled love and freedom
– Get past insecurities, blocks and old wounds to allow room for unlimited abundance to flow
– Transmute negativity and change mindset to higher energetic frequency
– Gain clarity around your life goals, life path and desires
– Reclamation of the body – accessing TRUE POWER
– Sensory awareness, allowing all senses to be activated
– MASTERY of our EMOTIONS, rather than them continually running the show.
– Accessing intuition and body intelligence.





Sensual Embodiment Course

2 spots left for March 2024




T’s & C’s
Full payment is required a minimum of 7 days in advance to first session.s
Once payment has been received there is no refund.
Course is not transferrable for another Dance 4 Fitness or Embodiment



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