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What are archetypes?

Archetypes are inherited dispositions, behaviours and personality traits that are predictable in patterning what we do.
We are often unaware of archetypes which are operating in the background of our psyche and are responsible for triggering emotions. They are a powerful tool in understanding our psyche and by recognising the shadow self (subconscious), we can begin to make the unconscious conscious.

The following archetypes are strongly associated with the feminine and goddess:

Siren, Femme Fatale, Lover, Inner Warrior, Harlot, Wild Woman, Muse, Enigma, Gypsy, Saturnine

There are also archetypes which tap into  the powerful feminine erotic energy which include:   Temple Priestess, Harlot, Siren and Gypsy, The SHADOW archetypes and erotic creatures residing within, including:Naughty lover, Teaser, Ice queen, Enigma and Provocateur

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