Burlesque costume


Bump n Grinds, Shimmies, Glove Peels, Feather Boa technique, Burlesque Strut, Pin Up Poses, Garter Tease and a fun and easy to learn 1950’s DANCE ROUTINE, where you will get to play with feather boas, satin gloves, and garters!

The popular TV series ‘Mad Men’ (Series 2), showed a solo Burlesque Dancer in action and you can learn how to be just as captivating and commanding, but sensual and feminine at the same time!

This course is for women of all ages and is a GREAT OPPORTUNITY to FEEL, FABULOUS, FEMININE and GET FIT! You will achieve better balance and posture, strengthen the back and the muscles of the pelvic floor, tone thighs, glutes, hips, abs, work out the core muscles and improve your flexibility!

Madame M has taught hundreds of women how to LOVE themselves the WAY THEY ARE and she has witnessed many transformations and blossomings over the years!   Here’s what one participant had to say:

“I love Burlesque because it celebrates REAL women with REAL bodies and it doesn’t matter what age or size you are! I felt really safe to express myself in the supportive space that Madame M offered us. She allowed me to express my sensuality, in my own individual and unique way! The judgement I had of my body image has now disappeared! This course has changed my life! Thank you.”

BOOK NOW and you will get the special introductory offer – $195! (Usual price is $220.00).

Or if you sign up with a friend, you will only pay $180.00 each! Fantastic Deal!

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