FREE DISCOVERY CONSULT - Take the first step to transform your life and manifest your desire

Discovery Consults are bespoke and an introductory session to living the life you truly desire



Unlock the blocks preventing you from living the life you truly desire!

The first step in the journey to become your dream self begins with you taking action and getting out of your comfort zone.  

When you make the commitment to make a change, you have already initiated a chemical reaction and a rewiring of the neural pathways. 

The human body loves patterns but not all patterns are positive. 

Old beliefs and negative conditioning can keep you chained, preventing you from moving on and achieving your dreams.

Unhealed wounds are actually stuck energy in the body, which can lead to chronic bad health and inflammation.

Most people have  energetic blocks around abundance, success and self worth.   

Deep transformations and profound changes can occur, when we go do the deeper layers of the psyche.

Most people don’t realise that there are 5 body layers – physical body, mental body, bliss body, energy body and wisdom body. 

Over the last 14 years and hundreds of clients later, I have recognised the top two COMMON BLOCKS:


Common causes of blocks are lack of self worth and holding anger, resentment, grief and judgement.

The energy of not feeling worthy, fear and anxiety blocks the flow of abundance in your life.

We can smash your  energetic blocks at ROOT CAUSE and eliminate NEGATIVE BELIEFS,
so you can finally move past old conditioning.

We help you clear energy that is blocking you from moving forward and the way we do it, is through the body.

After only a few sessions deep transformations and profound changes can occur, and you can achieve heightened energy levels and energetic alignment.  

Client transformations include:

Manifesting dream goals

Abundant living

Improved sexual intimacy

Attracting healthy loving relationships effortlessly

Higher self awareness

Body love

Healthier mind and body

Bliss and joyful living

Self confidence Empowerment Inner harmony

Crystal clear clarity of your desires and intentions

Developing specific personality traits for success

Re-set neural pathways to positivity and abundance


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