FREE Energy Protection Meditation


Energy Protection Meditation


Audio Transcript – Light Energy Protection


Get into a comfortable position and inhale through nose and completely exhaling. As you breath allow your breath and thoughts to release and with each inhale allow love to come in, and with every exhale feel any fear leave your body. Continue gentle breathing in and out, deeply relaxing your whole body.

Now imagine a bright light as you breath in and out, cleansing and purifying your body, dissolving any energies that do not serve you. Allow any stagnant energy to dissolve, any anxiety and stress to dissolve.

Now tune into the wisdom of the body and mother earth. Receive any messages of healing. Now sending this healing pure light to the collective consciousness. As you are sending this white light know that there is no separation and the collective consciousness is one.

Now imagine golden spiral of light in sacrum area – the root chakra. See any fear you may have of the virus be illuminated now. Acknowledge this fear with compassion. Now ask for the fear to leave and repeat ‘I trust in the divine protection surrounding me now and always’. See the fear dissolve completely.

Imagine spiral of red light from core of the earth into root chakra and going up the back, cleansing the lower back. Know that any fear is dissolved.

Now focus above your naval in the solar plexus chakra and send a golden light to this area. Direct this light upwards to your lungs as you inhale and exhale, detoxifying and purifying.

See a white light from way up above cleansing your body. This white light begins to spiral in a clockwise direction from the crown and down the body.

Now the white light goes the other way, spiraling counter clockwise and in the upwards direction of the body to the crown to a healthy state.

Channel this white light out to the world. See white light spiraling of love and healing downwards, in a clockwise direction and then going back up anti clockwise, clearing all fear from the world.

Raise arms and hands up to the sky, holding up a protective shield of white light with all beings, holding it up. Set the intention from your heart space, to send the virus into core of the earth and be destroyed. See it sinking deeper and deeper and the disappearing into the core of the earth until it is gone gone gone.

Open your eyes and know you are safe and protected and radiate your love out to all humanity.


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