For most of my life I kept drawing in the same type of people into my life, emotionally draining or emotionally stuck. And the main reasons I was attracting these people is because I was also stuck and living in the past.
I kept replicating my childhood wounding and was so used to not having a deep emotional connection with anyone it kept showing up time and time again.

I got more and more unhappy and lost touch with my inner self and became disconnected from my body. I literally wasn’t grounded or willing to face my past. I wasn’t listening to the inner messages and just kept running away from myself. I was always keeping everything down, ignoring the signs and couldn’t work out why the same situation kept repeating time and time again.

One of the major turning points was a big wake up call after working in a job I hated! After 14 years I was drained, stressed, sad and depressed. his job didn’t feed my soul. This was as retail job I was doing just for the money and was slowly suffocating in a toxic workplace.

I had lost interest in life, my cognitive ability had deteriorated as I was only using a small part of my brain and body went into decline. My body was trying to show me signs of what this stress was doing to it. but I didn’t listen.

Even though I had danced and acted all of my life I had become stuck. I didn’t know how to move on and so I just kept doing the same thing over and over again. Even though I was self learning in business management and running my own dance business I felt still tied to a dead end retail job.

In 2011 everything changed! I enrolled in a Tantric Yoga Teaching Course which opened a doorway to my inner wisdom. I began to release old energies and open my chakra’s, especially my heart and sacral.

It took another two years but I finally plucked up the nerve to resign and following my passion dancing and acting passion! I found work soon after doing what I loved to do acting and it was amazing!

In 2017 I was again stuck and scared to move on, working in a toxic situation. I kept clinging on hoping it would change but it never did. One day the universe made the answer for me and forced me to let go of this situation! I was finally free but now had alot of healing to do. I am grateful for this painful time which taught me so much about myself. If I had not experienced all I had, I would not have understood why I kept repeating the same mistakes and the attracting the same situations over and over again.

From then on I research everything I could about soul relationships, neural pathways, archetypes, trauma, PTSD, narcissism and empaths. I discovered that I am a true empath and lightworker. I am heart based and take on other peoples energy, good and bad. I now needed to learn how to protect myself. So I acquired more and more knowledge about psychology, physiology, biology, quantum healing and human energy fields.

In my research I discovered neural pathways in the brain can lead to positive good habits or bad ones which can have a negative and dangerous effect. The brain is wired to hit the repeat button and until we are aware, we can repeat the same mistakes over and over.

After discovering this I have worked hard to rewire my brain, to allow me to create whatever I desire. I then discovered the secrets of magnetic fields and energy frequencies.

The planet is surrounded by a magnetic field, also known as the geomagnetic field, which extends from the Earth’s and out into space. And all human beings have an electromagnetic energy field which is radiating around us.

I started living in a higher vibrational frequency and also started attracting abundance and love into my live. I started to understand that if I radiate love and adundance then I will attract that back. I began to release old past conditioning and transmute to new energies.

I analysed my emotions and wounding and tap into my inner wisdom, my inner knowing which is the perceptive ability to tune into the higher self. I also discovered that the higher self is constantly giving information but if we are not tuned in, then we cannot receive it.

I learnt to trust my intuition if I met a person for the first time and felt a little unsettled or uneasy then they were in alignment and could be dangerous for me. These feelings of discomfort or uneasiness are actually our innate ability to tune into another person’s energy field. When we are around other people we are picking up their energy. and you can even feel a person’s energy field a few metres away. Most people don’t know they are actually tuning into other peoples energy field and the main reasons beings: mental chatter, stress, anxiety, fear, being disconnected from your body, emotional overload and medications. Constant thoughts racing in the mind and bombardment of messages on media, internet and addiction to mobile devices etc can inhibits the ability to drop in.

I am now living in states of utter bliss and harmony. I am energised in every cell of my being and now live in gratitude. I offer my Embodiment Coaching Sessions to show others how they can turn their life around, attract abundance and live their destiny.

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I can help you to create a life in alignment with your true desires.

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