Tantra, as a spiritual practice, has been around for thousands of years.  Since being introduced to the Western world, many misconceptions have arisen, and if you ask most people what they think Tantra in this part of the world, the answer invariably will be sexual positions, ejaculation and/or multiple orgasms.  These aspects certainly can be included in the practice of Tantra, but they are not the main goal.

Traditionally Tantra concerns the divine union between Goddess Shakti and God Shiva, to merge the masculine and feminine together, as one.  Shiva is the divine masculine aspect and is pure consciousness,  Shakti is the divine feminine aspect, the sacred life force of creativity and the activating power of energy.

In the practice of traditional Tantra Yoga there is a combination of asana’s (body postures), mudras (hand and finger gestures), meditation and breathing techniques.  The tantric principle is about giving and receiving energy, the outgoing and giving energy is the masculine, the inward and receiving energy is the feminine.  Both men and women have masculine and feminine energies in each of them.

For the woman, the receptive cycle is receiving the man’s sexual energy in her second chakra, (sacral) moving it up to her heart and then gives it to the mans heart.  For the man, the active cycle is where he gives his energy to the woman from his genitals and receives her energy in the heart.  The ideal to be working toward, is to balance the masculine and feminine energies,  and sublimate sexual energy upwards to the heart chakra, to reach higher states of consciousness.

Sexual energy is our life force and it should flow naturally throughout the body unimpeded, but when blocks occur and our sexual energy is focused solely on the sexual organs, there will be a sense of deep frustration and dissatisfaction. By allowing sexual energy to flow freely, deep states of bliss, love and joy will be experienced.




Awaken to Tantra is an Introduction, specifically designed for couples who want to create a deeper level of intimacy in their relationship, who want to create a rich and nourishing soulful union with their partner and experience more fulfilling, conscious and connected love making.

Learn to expand your own consciousness and discover how it is possible to develop a rich and nourishing soulful union.  Practice tantric techniques where you will discover an inner sanctuary of stillness and peace.  Develop a deeper connection with yourself, which will allow a greater intimacy and sexual connection with your partner.

Couples will be introduced to methods and techniques, to allow both man and woman, to get out of the mind and into their heart.
By connecting to the heart you will be able to discover new ways of connecting to their partner from a place of truth, love and honour.  Men will learn that the heart is the starting point of any lovemaking and through the connection of heart to heart, women will learn how to surrender to their partner, and both man and woman will experience the masculine and feminine merging as one.

Being open to giving and receiving, and being receptive to your partners needs is necessary for real intimacy and a deeper relationship.

Eye gazing
Breath Work
Sensory exercises
Gentle touch

Please note:
This event is fully clothed and non sexual, meaning there is no sexual or genital contact.
We understand each individual has his and her own different boundaries and this will be respected at all times.