Embodiment For Actors 4 week course

Embodiment For Actors is a professional training series, teaching actors how to embody their sexual/creative energy and understand intuitive impulses.  Actors will be taught how to release and channel their energy, allowing a freedom of expression of the actors physical instrument, resulting in increased emotional range, deeper and dynamic performances. 

Transformative and empowering series for actors and dancers designed to awaken creative flow, by exploring the shadow aspects of the psyche, primal wild woman/man, feminine/masculine polarities and the myriad of archetyes within.  Dance movement, tantric breathwork, sound release, sensory work and visualisations will be utilised.

We teach actors to connect to their inner world, by exploring their physical, emotional and spiritual body.  Participants are taught how to connect to their truth and authentic self, gaining a further understanding of how their sexual/creative energy flows throughout the body, as well as understanding intuitive impulses.
The desired result for the actor, is a freedom of expression through their physical instrument & increased range.